Freewater #3 the one that got away

Gilla denna video
28 april, 2016

Sometimes the tale is better than the truth. We have all lost big
fish and we all know the frustration too well. But let some time pass and the story about ”the one that got away” is better then just one more fish in the album


Du gillar nog detta...

Where The Big Fish Rises III – Sweden


This is the follow up to Big Fish Rises I and II, this time Alexander and Markus heads to Gim River on the hunt for those crazy big trout. DELA


David Axelsson – VLOG #3 Storytime


  STORYTIME I denna storytime berättar David om sin resa genom fisket. David berättar även om olika tekniker han arbetat med och vart han står idag. Instagram | Betesföretagets: Instagram |       DELA


Fredrik Angsmo – Vlog #3 Streetfiske i Malmö Kanal


  Fredrik Angsmo! Idag tar Fredrik med er på fiske efter Abborre i Malmö kanal! ————————— Beten ————————— Renzshad 9 Scissor Comb (Illex) ————————— Plats ————————— Malmö kanal ————————— Music ————————— Instrumental produced by Chuki…   Länk till Fredriks