Carp Fishing in Legendary Abbey

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3 oktober, 2016

Freewater head down to France and legendary Abbey for some carp and catfish. They fished together with the guys from Fiskekompaniet and lots of other very nice people. Fishing was great by all means, caught big fish and lots. They will be back!


Du gillar nog detta...

Amatör renoverar båt del 1 – Jerry Vegas


Jerry Vegas – en skön Amatör som han kallar sig Jerry Vegas är en person som kanske inte kan allt själv, men har testar och brukar få till det till slut. Vare sig det gäller betesbygge eller båtrenovering så ger


Skinnet #1


David Axelsson aka Skinnet snackar restplast och gjuter upp madshad! DELA


Freewater #1 Pike from ice


This is our first fishlog, if you like it please let us know. We’ll keep making them if we get viewers. Don’t worry about the other stuff we usually do, we’ll keep those videos coming too! DELA